Your 30,000 foot view of how Workers’ Comp works.

CFO Portal

You can wrestle back financial control of your Worker’s Compensation from the insurance company. Through creating the right processes, you will be in charge of your Workers’ Comp audit to prevent errors and overcharges. You’ll learn to create a road map to drive your Experience Modifier to its minimum. Employees who suffer injuries will want to get back to work so your business hums along with minimum interruption.

HR Portal

Injuries start on the day of the hire. Human Resources is your key to creating a Zero injury culture. Zero injury culture and recovery at work is at the heart of your workers’ comp program. Check out the details and order your post offer/pre placement forms as well as the red flags that could signify fraudulent injuries.

The insurance company doles out your money and you don’t have any say in it.

Isn’t it time to take control of your workers’ comp?

Worker Comp is the way you finance employee injuries. For every dollar the insurance company spends, you are likely to pay back $2.00 to $3.00. It’s our job to stop the borrowing at such high interest rates.

Because Workers’ Comp is so complicated and confusing, you are left to assume that your premium audit reports are accurate and your Experience Modification factors are correct. However, because of mistakes rampant in the Workers’ Compensation system at least 50% of business are overcharged for their Workers’ Comp insurance.  Plus, once one of your employees suffers an injury that is not managed correctly, the financial and emotional impact could be destructive.

Solutions to Crush workers’ comp cost – Zero Factors

  • Zero Injuries
  • Zero Delays
  • Zero Lost Time
  • Zero Litigation
  • Zero Fraud
  • Zero Errors
  • Zero (Minimum) Experience MOD

Workers’ Comp Advisory Sign Up:

  • Zero Injuries – From Accidents happen to Accidents don’t happen. From Injuries occur to Injuries don’t occur. What are your Safety behaviors from CEO to Supervisor to Employees? A key aspect to ISU S&K approach is to institute a comprehensive Safety Perception and Compliance review. Our experts lead the organization team leaders through a Cultural awareness and shift.
  • Zero Delays – The objective is to improve the employees’ claims outcome; better outcomes mean low claims cost resulting in low Experience Mod and low premium cost. Our experts train your employees and supervisors to follow the 60/60 rule. Report injury to supervisor within 60 minutes and supervisor reports injury to insurance company within 60 minutes.
  • Zero Lost Time – From Return to Work program to Stay at Work program. From modified duty to transitional duty. Our experts help you provide employees with a “Stay at work” benefit, thereby improving group morale, reduce medical expenses, reduce overtime pay, reduce a need for temp workers, reduce over staffing, improve recovery time, and stop employees sitting at home to get paid.
  • Zero Litigation – How many claims are currently being litigated? Who is caring and communicating with the injured worker? Are HR and your supervisors trained in the 10 commandments to mitigate litigation? A key aspect of our service offering is to train Human Resources and Supervisors on how to care and handle an injured worker.
  • Zero Fraud – Workers’ Comp abuse and fraud can drive the Experience Mod and premiums through the roof. An important part of our Workers’ Comp program is to put Fraud and Abuse deterrent measures in place. Do your supervisors know and adhere to the Golden Rules: Injured worker comes 1st, don’t treat an injured worker any differently, and communicate Zero tolerance to fraud.
  • Zero Errors – Part of our service offering is making sure $ don’t fall through the cracks through yearly reviews of the following: Premium Audit Over charge kit, Classification Code analysis, Reserve review before Unit Statistical date, and Classification and Experience Modifier validation and forecast.
  • Zero (Minimum) Experience MOD – Do you know how much your company leaves on the table in “manageable premium” on a yearly basis? Do you know what your lowest possible Experience Mod? How many widgets or service items do you have to sell to make up for the extra premium you are paying? A key driver to our service program is to quantify the exact amount of manageable premium and work to put that money back in the corporate bank account.