Delivering innovative Safety and Wellness programs for TOTAL employee well being

Most Wellness & Safety programs are siloed into different departments with little or no communication. Employees overall health and safety have a direct impact on the bottom line. From on-site Flu shots to departmental safety trainings, businesses must get creative when it comes to attracting top talent and making sure employees live healthier, safer, and more productive life. With two typically divergent corporate programs, it is challenging to know how to execute your own programs, what components to offer, and how to create a synergistic approach to Wellness and Safety. ISU S&K offers a team of savvy consultants who are dedicated to helping you define what Wellness & Safety means to your company and innovating a strategy that joins existing and new offerings into a unified program. Our unique services include:

The ISU S&K Risk Shield

  • Needs Assessment – Indentify
  • Strategy & Planning- Analyze
  • Initial Program Selection
  • Finance- Insurance
  • Rollout Support- Measure

Helping employees live healthier, safer and more productively

Most wellness and safety programs focus on physical wellbeing, yet there are many reasons why promoting a culture of Total wellbeing of your population can have even greater impact on your organization. ISU S&K approaches wellness and safety as a unified agenda that encompasses several categories: (cultural, physical, financial, social)

Wellness 401k

ISU S&K’s health and wellness services are custom made to match an employer’s goals and the needs of each workforce, through a combination of primary, preventative, occupational, and environmental health services. ISU S&K wellness programs seamlessly integrate population bases health promotion activities, health risk assessments, biometric screenings, worksite clinical care, wellness interventions, and occupational health services to optimize the health and performance of the workforce. Program elements can be customized to each employer’s objectives with targeted elements focused on employee health and well being.

ISU S&K’s health and wellness programs and services are designed to encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors in your employees and reduce health care spending. Our focus is preventing illness and injury, promoting health and productivity, and lowering the total cost of health care. A successful wellness program benefits employers by developing and maintaining a healthier, more productive workforce and community.

The most common elements of our corporate wellness programs include:

  • Assessment: Timely health risk assessments and biometric screenings help us identify and analyze personal risk factors.
  • Analyze your entire population’s health risk allows us to customer tailor control strategies to your organization’s needs.
  • Education and coaching: Through health coaching and classes, we encourage your employees to change their health behaviors for the better, improving overall corporate wellness.
  • Interventions: Our health specialist can support health risk reduction through wellness interventions focused on common unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • Incentive programs optional: Although we have a 90% participation rate, we can recommend and help design employee incentives that spur participation and deliver employee savings.
  • Stages of change and Wellness Strategy design: Benefits Blueprint- We examine the aggregate risk burden and effectiveness of the workplace program and adjust specific elements to provide the greatest health impact and return on investment. Recognizing the 5 stages of change is critical to a successful program.
  • Standard and customized communication plans: Fundamental to a successful wellness program is engagement, our specialist employ communication strategies identified as best practice within different industries to help optimize employee participation and provide valuable updates.

Safety & Loss Control

One of the most important elements in a solid risk management program is the area of safety and loss control. Our loss prevention team can provide you with a blueprint of your facilities and operations and reflect special or unique hazards that may exist.

Control your losses. Lower your costs. Grow your business.

Effective risk management involves avoiding risk before they occur. ISU S&K Loss Control practice and 3rd party affiliates works with our clients to increase awareness and incorporate the practice of risk management, risk control, and loss prevention into each department’s operations. The ultimate goal is fewer workplace and vehicle accidents as well as reduced public liability and lower cost of risk.

Steps performed to assist a client with losses that are driving loss experience:

  • Review and analyze loss run and accident data to pinpoint locations or departments with unfavorable loss trends, identify causes driving loss trends and present to executive management the next steps to mitigate losses.
  • Onsite visits to operational departments to pinpoint causes, interview department leaders and supervisors, brainstorm practical solutions, develop an implementation plan with timelines and determine service vendors.
  • Manage plan implementation by keeping in contact with management personnel and develop status reports on a routine basis.